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The Boy Scouts say, “Be prepared!”

Why not do the same for what you are hauling?

Your life, other lives and your cargo is at stake.

Mounting & Usage

After unpacking, ensure there are not missing parts. (see figure at right). Your package should include:

a)       The Standard Ball Hitch assembly
b)      The Safety Tower assembly
c)       The Safety Tongue
d)      Keeper Pin

Coupling your Trailer: *Ensure Ball and Coupler Diameter Match!

Using your Shur-Lock Safety System when connecting your trailer is easy.

Simply ensure your two-position safety tongue is slid back and into the tower assembly (or pulled out completely), and connect your trailer as you’ve always done.
Always connect your trailer securely with the under jaw fully engaged and the locking lever down and locked into position. Connect your electrical harness (if equipped) and both safety chains in a criss-cross pattern. After this is complete, slide the safety tongue into the “out” position and over the ball section. Insert the Keeper Pin and you are ready.

Travel with the CONFIDENCE that your trailer will arrive with you and that you’ve kept you, and your family and everybody else on the road SAFE.

Jennex Shur-Lok Trailer Hitch Safety System


What if you knew there was a simple-to-use trailer hitch that completely takes the fear out of pulling a load with your passenger or work vehicle? Well, now there is!

We introduce the Jennex SHUR-LOK Safety Hitch, a simple solution to a deadly problem.

Accidents happen; people die, cargo is lost, even while using safety chains.

The Shur-lok Safety Hitch was invented because of a close call on the road. This scary while dangerous experience prompted the idea to design a fail-proof trailer hitch that is cutting edge and guarantees no chance for separation! With the Shur-lok Safety Hitch, failure is not an option.

Use the hitch that cannot fail!

Read more about George Jennex, inventor of the SHUR-LOK trailer safety hitch.

From the Greenville News

Fatal accidents involving towed trailers claim thousands.

  • Nationally (in the USA), between 1975 and 2013, more than 17,000 people have been killed in accidents involving a passenger vehicle towing a trailer, according to estimates by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
  • Since 1975, there have been more than 1.3 million such accidents.
  • Since 2010, five people died and 312 people have been injured in 553 South Carolina accidents in which a “separation of units” occurred, according to the state Office of Highway Safety.
  • Since January, there have been 59 such accidents in the state. By human error”, said Sgt. Bob Beres.

Check the full Greenville News article for separations information